This is a virtual tour of the studio, showing off the main rooms. Watch out for a cameo appearance by Jonen Dekay at 19 seconds in. The soundtrack is by Amadawn, a track called 'Overrated' featuring Jonen Dekay - vocals recorded at Music Hub Studios.

Fantastic facility, everything under one roof at a price people can afford
— Paul O'Riordan, Changing Trains


"I have nothing but only great things to say about The Music Hub.  I entered Limerick’s Got Talent 2015 with a song I had written three years previous and without hesitation I got help from The Music Hub to complete it.  As a result of this I reached the finals for the first time after five attempts.  I then wrote a song for the finals which was finished in no time and well received by the audience and judges.  I’m in the process of recording more songs in the hope of making an album and none of this would have been possible without help from The Music Hub. "